Beloved brothers in our Lord Jesus Christ, we greet you in His Name and wish that grace and peace be abundantly in you!
We send you this letter with the following reasons:

  1. God has blessed us and the number of the members has grown to such an extent (80 adults and 50 children) that the old building we used as a place of fellowship and worship became too small.
  2. The old building was an old transformed house, and the walls were made out of dirt bricks (dirt mixed with straw). In time the ground moved here and there, and this resulted in cracks which showed up that the building was not safe anymore.

Therefore we decided that it was time to start a new building. We   contacted an architect, got a plan and started building.
Right now we are at the ground floor, and very soon we will pour the      concrete ceiling over the basement. We are going to use the     basement as a Sunday school, meals and for evangelistic meetings with the children from the village.

  1. At this moment in time we gather in a barrack which is made out with some of the materials we were able to recuperate from the old building. We wish very much to be able to move in the new building before the winter, even if it will not be finished completely.
  1. In the Name of our Lord Jesus we ask you to take in consideration this work and support us in prayer and financially! „Therefore, as ye abound in every thing, in faith, and utterance, and knowledge, and in all diligence, and in your love to us, see that ye abound in this grace also.” (2Cor. 8:7).

If you feel led by God to help us towards this project, please let us know!

Thank you very much for taking time to read this letter and considering it before God!

Yours in the Lord Jesus,
the elders of the Cozmesti Assembly:
Gavril Ioan           +40-(0)748-047.318
Alexa Aurel          +40-(0)727-317.638
Alexa Daniel         +40-(0)744-247.545

For donations, please contact the leaders.
Also, the donations can be sent directly into the assembly account:

Owner: Cultul Creştin după Evanghelie
Opened at:  Raiffeisen Bank, Paşcani.

Lei:    RO86 RZBR 0000 0600 0803 0639
USD: RO68 RZBR 0000 0600 0803 0672
Euro: RO68 RZBR 0000 0600 0803 0652